“SPS is seeing a growing number of break-in’s to sheds and garages as well as bike thefts all across Saskatoon. Oftentimes, these crimes are being committed with the thief using a bicycle. Officers have also heard concern from businesses when it comes to cyclists not following traffic laws. Police will be paying special attention to cyclists traveling late at night in back alleys, cyclists biking on sidewalks and for stolen bikes. The increased focus will occur all across our city.

Please remember to lock up your bike if possible, in a secure building.”


There has been a recent influx of bike theft in Buena Vista. A few kids bikes have been stolen during school hours, even though they were locked up. Some people in the community have also reported that their garages have been broken in to, and bicycles stolen. Remember to lock up your bikes, even if stored in the garage. Also lock your car doors and remove valuables from your car.

Please report a break in or theft. It’s important to report for crime statistics and policing.  You can do so by visiting http://saskatoonpolice.ca/onlinereporting/ or calling the non-emergency line at 306-975-8300.

Tips for Securing Your Bike from the Saskatoon Police Service

  • Use a high quality lock – don’t rely on a cable lock.
  • Lock a wheel and the frame to a secure structure. Don’t lock only the wheel as they can be easily removed from the bicycle.
  • Most bicycles parked outdoors are not secured properly. Never leave your bike outside overnight.
  • Never leave your bicycle unlocked in your garage, bike cage, balcony or on your vehicle. Many bikes are taken from these locations.
  • Adding a secondary lock can enhance the security of your bicycle.

Register your bike online with the Saskatoon Police Service – http://saskatoonpolice.ca/obr/