Our History

The neighbourhood

Buena Vista Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood was within the city limits at the time of Saskatoon’s incorporation in 1906. The subdivision west of Lorne Avenue was marketed by three Saskatoon real estate men: W.H. Coy, A. MacDougall and F.E. Guppy. All three had streets named after them. In 1910 house lots in the area were being advertised for $275.00. Until the 1960’s the area within Saskatoon City Limits was significantly larger than that actually occupied by people, houses, businesses and roads. There was a lot of area that was quite sparse. This was due in part to the wild real estate speculation of the boom years 1909 -1912. During the boom years huge tracts of bald prairie was subdivided into lots and sold, and then re-sold at ever increasing prices. Ultimately the boom went bust and much of this property fell into the City’s hands for non-payment of taxes. In 1912 only one-sixth of the land within Saskatoon’s corporate limits was occupied.

Buena Vista Today
The current community (2002-2009) is:

Size of Area: 312.4 acres
Population: 3,165
Largest Age Groups: 25-29; and 30-34
Mother Tongue: English, German, Arabic, Ukrainian, French
Total Dwellings: 1,325, most are one-unit dwellings
Age of homes: 675 built before 1946, 455 built between 1946-1960
Owned/Rented homes: 948 owned homes, 438 rented homes

Green Spaces

The area has 4 parks for a total acreage of 25.7
B.V. Park: 7 acres
Fred Mitchell Memorial Park: 0.9 acres
Gabriel Dumont Park: 8.6 acres
Kilburn Park: 9.3 acres

*Information contained in this write-up is taken from City Archives, City of Saskatoon Community Profiles, and summarized by Sean Sass, BVCA.*