Theatre in the Park 2023 – Zero Gravity

June 25 – 4pm at Buena Vista Park

As Theatre in the Park enters its 11th season, we are sure that this is not one you will want to miss.  There have been many story’s shared about race relations, diversity, accessibility, and community relations. Zero Gravity takes us on a Sci-Fi exploration around climate breakdowns and what will happen if we don’t start changing the way we live on Mother Earth. There is “No Planet B” and if we continue to use up mother earths resources, what will be left for future generations. Come take a journey with us as we watch Dr. Einstien Reez carry the weight of the world on his shoulders and try to come up with a solution to save his children and the rest of the world.

Theatre in the Park is an original play offered free of charge in neighbourhood parks around Saskatchewan each July. Due to the extreme weather last summer, Theatre in the Park 2022 is being performed in May and June. As always, we create our production in response to current issues. It’s fun and thought-provoking performance for people of all ages. Catchy original music and colourful sets, props and costumes bring our stories to life.