Theatre in the Park 2022 – wâhkôhtowin 

Friday June 3rd 2022 | Buena Vista School (Buena Vista) | 7pm

Theatre in the Park is an original play offered free of charge in neighbourhood parks around Saskatchewan each July. Due to the extreme weather last summer, Theatre in the Park 2022 is being performed in May and June. As always, we create our production in response to current issues. It’s fun and thought-provoking performance for people of all ages. Catchy original music and colourful sets, props and costumes bring our stories to life.

This year’s offering is a family friendly show about the kinship between all things. We have all felt the affects of the past two years. Connections between relations have become more important to mend or hold close. What happens when the connections break? When the community is fractured? How do we rebuild what’s broken? Please come join us in our public parks for “wâhkôhtowin”